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Yang Candle Large 3-Wick



This generous combination of four essential oils brings together rich, spicy Nutmeg and sweet, woody Ho Leaf. To balance out these earthy, masculine tones, warm citrus Mandarin is added to give a distinct yet subtle blend.



Yang range contains an exotic blend of essential oils to balance your emotions. The top notes of spicy Nutmeg and sweet, woody Ho Leaf will soothe your mind while Mandarin adds an exotic, warm citrus aroma which will uplift your mind and body, bringing about a sense of peace. Use on its own, or together with our Yang candle, for a beautifully balanced aromatherapy experience. We source nature’s finest soy and beeswax to make our candles, while the aroma delivered by our 100% pure essential oils will envelop you in the scents of purity. Our blend of four essential oils will help to soothe your mind and balance your emotions ensuring a sense of relaxation and calm. Burning time: 40 hours Size: 7 X 12.5cm Weight: 400g

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