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Vitamin A 0.5% Serum- 50ml


Alpha-H Vitamin A 0.5% Serum is a powerful, highly potent antioxidant skin renewal treatment that utilises the exfoliating benefits of Vitamin A in a hydrating formula.



Designed to increase cell turnover, accelerate collagen production and boost elasticity in order to improve skin firmness, texture and tone whilst combating any dry, scaly or course surface areas. Ideal for dry, mature and ageing skin types, this non-irritating nightly serum helps to strengthen and repair damaged skin or skin showing signs of premature ageing due to over exposure to UV rays. Long term use will help to diminish the visible appearance of photo ageing and assist in slowing down the ageing process for a more youthful complexion. All Alpha-H vitamin serums are refillable and offer excellent value with our new supersized bottle. The innovative outer packaging acts as a kind of thermostat, ensuring that the potent antioxidants are maintained at a constant temperature while being shielded from environmental aggressors. The UV coated outer casing also allows us to use fewer preservatives as the formulation is protected from degrading UV rays. SKIN TYPES All skin types BENEFITS Helps combat the ‘first signs of ageing’ Nighttime regenerating serum for dehydrated, prematurely ageing skin Ideal ‘entry level’ treatment for skin not previously conditioned with more potent Vitamin A and fruit acid products Vitamin A is a natural exfoliator and hydrator which speeds up cell renewal: improving skin texture and firmness whilst preventing dryness, scaliness and coarseness Reduces the regeneration of new skin cells from 28 days to 10 to 15 days Works within the DNA of the skin cell to control hormonal activity therefore reducing the effects of hormonal breakouts KEY INGREDIENTS Retinyl Propionate 0.25% (Vitamin A) Retinol 0.25% (Vitamin A) HOW TO USE Apply directly onto the skin each evening and perform gentle pressing motions onto the face, neck and décolletage. Allow serum to absorb into the skin before applying your preferred Alpha-H evening moisturiser. TIP Must be used in conjunction with a daily SPF sunscreen. Not to be used during pregnancy

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