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Rose Massage Tin Candle




Everyone loves a candle and these little beauties are no different. At only 35g in weight they make the perfect gift or reminder of home when you’re travelling. The unique pouring lip can neatly dispense a warm and heady scent of oil into the palm of your hand for a nourishing hand moisturiser or body oil. How to use: • Light the wick and wait approximately 10mins for the wax to melt. • Always EXTINGUISH FLAME before use. • Test the temperature and pour into palm of hand – it should be warm but not burning – and massage into skin in a circular motion. You can add more oil to the massage if required. Please note: • It is advisable to undertake a test patch first to ensure no allergic reactions and rinse well with warm water if allergic reaction occurs. • Never apply to sensitive, damaged or broken skin. WARNING – Candles if not used correctly can be dangerous and can cause a fire. Please read and adhere to the following. • NEVER LEAVE A BURNING CANDLE UNATTENDED and DO NOT PLACE ON FRAGILE OR FLAMMABLE SURFACE. • Never extinguish with water or other products. A risk of fire or injury is possible if these conditions aren’t adhered to. • Ensure wick remains in the centre of the candle and regularly trimmed. Candle size is 50mm by 35mm

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