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Purity Serum


Targeted breakout control treatment for blemish prone skin with rainforest bioactives to reduce the appearance of blemishes & pores for a clearer complexion.



This serum can be used for blemish prone or congested skin at any age as well as skin prone to oiliness. It can also be used on ingrown hairs caused by shaving. This serum can be mixed into your moisturizer or used by itself on clean dry skin. You can also blend it together with another S5 serum for even quicker results. For example try blending it with the S5 Illuminate Serum for post acne hyperpigmentation or large pores. KEY INGREDIENTS RAINFOREST PICÃO PRETO has shown that in clinical tests it is able to reduce the appearance of blemishes by 42% used once a day over a period of 56 days. Impressively, this bioactive has also shown a reduction of sebum production by 65% that makes it the perfect active to effectively treat oily and acne prone skin. ALPINE EPILOBIUM FLEISHERI in clinical trials this bioactive has been shown to reduce oil production by 56% and 5 alpha reductase production by 68% in vitro. Its sebo-regulating properties help to decrease the appearance of pore size and improve overall skin condition. 2% SALICYLIC ACID equivalent derived from willow bark boosts cellular renewal.

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