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Digest Pro


Provides fenugreek, ginger and fennel which may help support digestive health.


120 Capsules

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Digest Pro DOES NOT CONTAIN: Artificial colours, flavourings, dairy products, gluten containing ingredients, lactose, soya, sugar, wheat, yeast. Suitable for vegetarians. INGREDIENTS: Protease, vegetarian capsule (hydroxypropylmethylcellulose), fenugreek seed pdr, ginger rhizome pdr, fennel seed pdr, amylase, invertase, glucoamylase, bulking agent (rice bran), lipase, peptidase, diastase, xylanase, cellulase, lactase. pdr=powder. PRODUCT INFORMATION One capsule of Digest Pro typically provides: Protease 3.0 (15SAPU) 14mg Protease 4.5 (15000HUT) 30mg Protease 6.0 (6000HUT) 12mg Fenugreek Seed 25mg Ginger Rhizome 25mg Fennel Seed 25mg Amylase (2500DU) 16.7mg Invertase (150SU) 15mg Glucoamylase (5AGU) 11mg Lipase(200FCCLU) 10mg Peptidase(2000HUT) 8mg Diastase(200DP°) 7.4mg Xylanase (250XU) 5mg Cellulase (300CU) 3.8mg Lactase (100ALU) 1mg

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