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colostrum – nature’s immunity booster – can enhance immunity to bacteria, toxins, viruses and parasites to maintain optimum health and well-being. Also known as first milk, colostrum is the fluid produced by the mammary glands of cows (and other mammals) in the first one or two days after calving. It has a very different composition from the milk produced during mid-lactation and has a much higher concentration of immunoglobulins – antibodies that build up the body’s natural defence system to protect against disease or allergens. The high quality colostrum in pure colostrum comes from cows that are farmed on pasture all year round in New Zealand. New Zealand milk and colostrum are hailed as being the healthiest in the world. proto-col colostrum also contains growth agents, including Transforming Growth Factors (TgF) to stimulate the synthesis and repair of RNA and DNA, and also aids in muscle repair. Epithelial Growth Factor (EgF) and Insulin-like Growth Factor (IgF) stimulate skin cell repair and regeneration.


120 Capsules

Many common ailments such as irritable bowel syndrome are exposed to infectious agents, which can lead to more serious health problems, such as food allergies and poor digestion. The highly concentrated source of immunoglobulins in proto-col colostrum can help alleviate these problems by boosting the immune system, acting as an anti-inflammatory, and repairing the intestinal membranes. Athletes often take pure colostrum as a safe, natural fitness enhancer, and to aid recovery time.

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