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Calm Serum


Targeted soothing treatment for redness & sensitive skin with marine bioactives to reduce the appearance of persistent redness & any signs of skin hyper reactivity.



Use this serum when the skin is red, hyper sensitive or flaring up. The hyaluronic acid and glycoproteins also make it extremely moisturising so it is suitable for skin with dermatitis or eczema (it has a hypoallergenic fragrance). For men, it would be very useful for a post shaving treatment if there is any irritation or redness. This serum can be mixed into your moisturizer or used by itself on clean dry skin. You can also blend it together with another S5 serum or use underneath the Resilience Mask for a soothing treatment. KEY INGREDIENTS SEA FENNEL PEPTIDES are proteins with powerful redness reducing properties. They help to prevent the appearance of skin vascularization, which is a symptom of Rosacea. Vascular tubule lengths were measured in vitro with an image analysis system, and results demonstrated that a just a 1% solution of sea fennel peptides decreased tubule lengths of 34%. DESERT GLYCOPROTEINS are produced by a heat loving bacteria that lives in the Wadi Desert, one of the hottest and driest places on Earth. This protects its cells against heat, dryness and environmental stress. When used on the skin, it forms a protective shield around cells, stabilising the cellular membrane and has been proven in clinical trials to increase hydration by 30%. When tested on skin with dermatitis it reduced roughness by 45% and scaliness by 24% SEA MAYWEED is a rich source of amino acids, B vitamins and minerals. It has been clinically proven to soothe any signs of irritation, reducing skin reactivity by 24% and reduce the appearance of long-term redness by 20%. It reduces skin inflammation chemicals IL1, IL6, Substance P, PGE2, TNF as well as the level of free radical activity (tested in vitro). LOW MOLECULAR WEIGHT NATURAL HYALURONIC ACID locks moisture into the skin and reduces skin hyper reactivity stimulates epidermal regeneration.

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