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Bush Oil

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Let’s get it out of the way: whatever you want to call ‘it’ (and there are a few names that can make your eyes water) we believe celebrating your womanly status and attributes shouldn’t be banished to baldness. Pubic hair is back, and Brazilians are best left for the Brazilians! Although natural is best we promote a groomed Lady Patch, keeping it neat, soft and clean. Our Bush Oil packed with goodness and an abundance of essential & natural oils will keep it in good condition and smell fresher. 



Sunflower seed oil and apricot kernel oil, both rich in vitamins A and E, work to condition your hair, making it smoother, shinier, healthier and stronger with every application. Rosehip oil, full of vitamin C and lycophene, perfect for adding shine and volume. Raspberry Seed oil aids in the relief of irritated skin, and promotes silky soft hair.

Frankincense oil contains potent antiseptic properties that make it great for protecting an ingrown hair from germs and infection. Geranium oil also has strong antibacterial properties. It is also a natural astringent, working to firm and tighten Skin.

Evening Primrose oil is full of omega-6 fatty acid, which helps reduce symptoms off eczema and psoriasis with its anti-inflammatory properties, making this ideal for easily irritated and sensitive skin. Fatty acids also work to nourish hair from root to tip.


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