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4×4 Weight Management Programme


Supplementing your fitness and weight management programme with the best products plays an important part in your journey toward your goals.


(incl: 4xZambroza, 2xSuper Omega-3, 1xSuper Supplemental)

ZAMBROZA (4) The combination of caffeine and catechin’s in Green Tea have shown encouraging results when tested in their role as a weight management supplement, without any known negative effects. Green Tea extract is a key ingredient in Zambroza. SUPER OMEGA-3 EPA (2). The essential fatty acids (EFA’s) found in Omega-3 fish oils appear to help speed up fat burning. This only happens when there is an excess of fresh EFA’s in the body, and they are of high quality. Please note – Absorption of this product will be inhibited by Nature’s Sunshine’s ‘fat grabbers’. Therefore it is recommended that these products should be taken at least three hours apart. SUPER SUPPLEMENTAL VITAMINS & MINERALS (1). This potent multi-vitamin & mineral contains Zinc and B vitamins which are needed to create insulin, and Chormium. Vitamin B and C as well as the mineral Magnesium are also essential in helping the body turn glucose into energy instead of fat. OPTIONAL – KEY SYSTEM PRODUCT. Enhance your programme by using one of Nature’s Sunshine’s unique Key System Products, which will help to support your chosen body systems.

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