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Travel Bag Essentials

Travel Lightly, But Efficiently

Here are the five products we believe to be KEY when travelling. Nobody wants to be travelling with unwanted makeup and beauty products which you can guarantee you won’t even use once! So we’ve put together five essentials which will make sure you’ve got everything covered, without the added weight!

Jane Iredale – BB Cream
Travelling with lots of thick makeup on is not what anyone wants to be doing, that’s why this BB Cream is the perfect light, yet flawless, alternative to foundation.

Payot – Hydra Lip balm
When travelling you want to make sure your lips don’t get dry, especially when travelling in a hot country. Keep them feeling moisturised with this lip balm.

Bloom & Blossom – Rejuvenating facial spritz 
Not only will this product wake you up, it contains amazing ingredients such as aloe vera and lime oil giving your skin a boost, as well as evening your skin tone and reducing wrinkles. Perfect for a quick and easy way of hydrating your face whilst travelling!

Swell – Dry Shampoo 

Travelling can make your hair feel dull and lifeless. This dry shampoo will bring your hair back to life giving you loads of volume, as well as the clean fresh feeling.

Intelligent Nutrients – Anti Static Paddle Brush Pro
You never know when you may find a hairbrush handy! Especially an anti static one, so make sure you’ve always got one on your when travelling!

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