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The Perfect Brow

Eyebrows have really taken the beauty industry (and world!) by storm in the last few years. We know the importance of a good brow, they shape and frame the face, and complete a makeup look. But brows are sometimes hard to get right. With threading, waxing, tinting, plucking, powders, gels and pencils all available on the market, we’ve narrowed down our favourites to help achieve the perfect brow!


Before you begin, it’s best to start by brushing and taming them. A spoolie is an absolute essential for creating perfect brows. This Jane Iredale Deluxe Spoolie Brush is a nylon brush used for grooming eyelashes and brows. Created from the finest materials available; their brushes are just what you need to get the most out of your makeup!


If you’re a brow beginner, the Chelsea Boutique Natural Brow Kit is perfect. This easy to use kit comes with everything you need to get perfectly shaped, super glamorous eyebrows in seconds. The professional semi-permanent powders are super-high in pigmentation, gliding and adhering easily on both hair and bare skin.


If you want a handy on-the-go pencil, Chelsea Boutique All Day Pencil is brilliant. Shape the beginning of the brow with the tip of the pencil, creating hair-like strokes. Then define and shape the edges & length of the brow, spot-filling any areas that are sparse of hair. Using the spooley end of the brush, carefully comb the brow hairs into place for a flawless, natural look. To remove, simply use a makeup-wipe or wash off with any oil based product.


If pencil is not your thing and you’re looking for something more natural, try the Jane Iredale Purebrow Brow Gel, to tint brow hairs in a natural way. Clear gel can be used to hold unruly brows in place, as a clear mascara for dyed or dark lashes and over color mascara to make it more water resistant. Adds colour, depth and highlights, and is available in clear and tinted shades that help provide extra coverage.


Eyebrows can dramatically change your look and add character to your face so shape and define your brows for that compelling look. Discover more and shop our full eyebrow range here!


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