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Natural is Back! Natural Spa Factory's Bush Oil

Natural is back!

If you’re looking for a fresh new approach to the natural look and feel, Natural Spa Factory have the perfect product for you. Following in the footsteps of their popular ‘Beard Oil’, the Natural Spa Factory have created a very similar product for the female form.

From now on, the ‘natural look’ doesn’t necessarily have to mean uncared for. All of the Bush Oil ingredients derive from natural sources, suiting the needs for those who seek natural solutions for their beauty regime.

The vitamin-rich Sunflower and Apricot kernel oil, leaves your hair feeling conditioned, smoother, healthier and stronger, whereas the Lycopene and Vitamin C will also leave the hair with a glistening shine. Raspberry Seed oil will help those who suffer with coarse grow-back and irritation and the Frankincense oil’s antiseptic properties will help protect your body from ingrown hairs, germs and infection. The Omega 6 Fatty Acids that naturally occur within Evening Primrose oil will also calm and soothe troublesome skin; Bush Oil is perfectly suited for sensitive skin.

For a special occasion or even everyday use, the 15ml bottle certainly goes a very long way. One drop of the fantastically nourishing Bush Oil provides a substantial amount to ensure that you are left feeling refreshed, groomed and confident.
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