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Beauty Sleep!

We all know the importance of sleep, but is “Beauty Sleep” a fact or fiction? Research has shown that beauty sleep is indeed an essential, as our skin cells use this time to recup

erate and regenerate. During the night is when our cells rise to the surface and damage caused during the day is repaired. An effective skincare regime can help speed the process of skin cell healing that our busy and stressful lives can contribute to, making Beauty Sleep a priority for radiant, heal

thy and youthful looking complexions. Here at HBE HQ, we’ve tried and tested across the best products for you.

We love Alpha-A, an Australian award-winning skincare brand for women and men looking to see a real change to their skin. New to Health & Beauty Express, the Beauty Sleep Power Peel is a treatment and anti-ageing skin restorative, which boosts collagen and stimulates cellular renewal while helping to reduce sun-induced ageing, scarring, acne and wrinkles. Apply to clean, dry skin using upward, circular motions. There is no need to apply a night cream over the top of Beauty Sleep Power Peel, bonus! (Be sure to check out the promo video on YouTube here.)

Another Alpha-A winner is the Beauty Sleep Power Mist. A hydrating aromatic antioxidant mist that supercharges your beauty sleep so wake to a fresher, brighter complexion. A serene and hypnotic blend of Lavender, Rose and Orange essential oils relax the mind and body; nature’s own antidote to a stressful day and the bridge to a great night’s sleep. It’s great for all skin types, particularly mature, dehydrated, dull and prematurely aged skin.

Next up, we love the Therapie Roques Oneil Cherish Skin Repair Body Serum. Environmental pollution, sun damage and other internal and external factors can sometimes wreak havoc on our skin, which is what our beauty sleep is repairing. This vital serum is a wholly natural solution and comes packed with revitalizing, healing and skin boosting essential oils, vegetable carriers and extracts. Helping to condition, repair and protect, the end result is fabulously toned and lustrous skin.

If you’re feeling particularly stressed and overwhelmed with life, now is the perfect time to invest in the Therapie Heal Me Kit. Contacting a Bath & Body Oil, Comfort Warming Rub, Pure Candle and Strength Fortifying Tea, you’re guaranteed to unwind and create a sense of calm. This would make a beautiful gift too.

Finally, candles are the perfect addition to an evening to help you get a better night’s sleep! The Aroma Works Box Of Signature Candles contains four of nature’s finest soy and beeswax, while the aroma delivered by their 100% pure essential oils will envelop you in the scents of purity. Absolute bliss.

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