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Holiday Beach Bag Beauty Essentials

Untitled design (35)We have put together a list of what we believe to be absolute essentials in your holiday beach bag!
We’re sure you’ve probably got the basics covered – but when it comes to beauty essentials, trying to not over pack, but remembering the essentials, can be difficult! (Especially if you’re used to the dull english weather)
Its all about minimum coverage as well as maximum skin hydration and protection!


Balance me – Super Toning Body Cream:

SUPER TONING! This cream basically does the work for you whilst you relax by the sea. (What more could you want?!)
As well as drenching your skin with moisture, this body cream has been made with super hydrating hyaluronic acid and rice bran oil – encouraging your skin to bounce back to its natural slenderness!

Therapie – Restore aura spray:

This spray will bring you instant relaxation – the perfect accomplishment when walking down to the beach, as a instant hydration or relaxing by the pool, this spray will leave you feeling instantly relaxed and will act as a self healer, so you can make the most of your relaxtion time!

Clarins – Eye Revive Beauty Flash:

As relaxing as holidays are, they can still be tiring! Give your eyes an instant fix with our BRAND NEW Clarins Eye Revive. Perfect for when you don’t want to wear a heavy brightening concealer, as this product is an instant eye brightener, with a light weight feel(that’s if you can feel it at all!)

Philip B – Beach Mist:
Beach mist will magnify your natural curls as well as boosting the volume. The blend of Sea Salt and Aloe Vera gives hair a natural lift without leaving hair feeling stiff. This spray has pure Coconut notes as well as Tahitian Gardenia; leaving you with a sexy, mood boosting and luxurious scent! Most importantly this beach mist is para
ben & phthalate free; color & keratin-treatment safe!

Jane Iredale – Tinted Moisturiser:

We LOVE this product! Our number 1 tinted mmoisturiser, for those days when you want a to even out your skin tone and hide your imperfections, without that cakey foundation feel! It is beautifully light which is just what you need when on holiday as it won’t melt off however, will leave you with natural healthy glow.

Face Stockholm – Water Resistant Mascara: 
For some, going out without mascara on isn’t even considerable! Our Face Stockholm Water Resistant Mascara will make sure your eyelashes are long and defined – without leaving you looking like a panda! (Because that’s definitely not a good look!)

Intelligent Nutrients – Wet/Dry Everyday Oval brush:

When at the beach it is very likely that your hair will become knotted and tangled from the combination of the sea breeze and salty water so we’d definitely recommend having this wet or dry every day use oval hair brush with you – this gentle brush will change your hair from a tangled mane to smooth and manageable hair, pain free!

Ultra sun – SPF30+ :

Last but certainly not least! Protecting and looking after our skin is the most important thing – not only will sun cream leave you with a golden glow rather than a nasty red burn, but it will also protect your skin from being damaged by the suns harsh rays!





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